Window of Light (2006)

Window of Light

Poised For A Fall_Sample


Hearts Without Scars_Sample

You Knew My Name_Sample

Hear The Rumble_Sample

Give It Away_Sample

Lay It Down_Sample

1. Sweeter Than Wine (Prelude)

2. Window of Light

3. Poised For a Fall

4. Santorini

5. When the Silence Falls

6. Silence Falls (Reprise)

7. Hearts Without ScarsĀ 

8. You Knew My Name

9. Sweeter Than Wine

10. Hear My Name

11. Give It Away

12. Lay It Down

13. The Weapon and The Wound

14. Which Way is Home

15. Time Will Never Tell

16. Sweeter Than Wine (Instrumental)

17. Little Hands

PRODUCED BY Ali Matthews and Rick Francis
All rights reserved.